Gender Stereotypical Ads


This advertisement is for an online computer game. This advertisement uses the gender stereotype that mostly men play computer games. The entire image consists of the logo and an attractive female character. The fact that it doesn’t actually tell you anything about the game shows that they’re relying solely on gender stereotypes to sell their product.

This ad will be completely ignored by most of its female audience. Not because the it’s a bad game and not because females don’t play games. This ad shows no intentions of showing that it may be a fun game for you to play, instead it just says “if you play this game, you can see more attractive female characters like this!”


This advertisement shows a man, who appears to be in the companies I.T. department, helping a woman fix her computer. He is pointing at her screen and she appears to be following along with her mouse. The text says “The network stopped working and so did everyone else.”

I think this advertisement reflects a gender stereotype because most people assume I.T. workers are male. It is also a woman who is having the computer problem and needs the man to fix it for her. They could have made it a woman fixing a man’s computer or two men or two women to make it less stereotypical.

As far as I can tell this advertisment fails to show any gender stereotype. This is an ad for NFL team themed Duck Tape. Two things which are generally considered to be manly, yet they include female fans in the picture. The themes of this ad would have made gender stereotyping very easy but they avoided it in this case.

This advertisement is for motorcycle insurance. This ad shows gender stereotyping by implying that only men ride motorcycles. The ad uses the word “riders” so the least they could have done was added in some other riders and made few of them females. Even if they would have put a female on the same bike as the man with the man driving I think it would have helped.

This is an advertisement for moistened towels. I found this ad in popular mechanics and it’s obviously targeted towards men. This ad displays gender stereotyping by suggesting that the word “wipes” is effeminate. The ad also uses large, bold, and masculine adjectives to describe the product. This ad assumes that everyone who wants to use their product is masculine and would prefer a “stronger” and “bigger” product over an easier or faster one.

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